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Welcome to the Web site of Jeff Dravis

Dravis Interests, Inc. provides consulting services and applied training seminars to the oil and gas industry.  Jeff's seminars are highly praised for their timely and applicable information, and for their organization and quality of instruction.

Dravis Geological Services brings extensive worldwide experience to solving problems in carbonate exploration and development geology. Key information is gleaned from rock data using enhanced petrographic techniques, and applied to wireline log and seismic data to delineate play relationships or build more effective reservoir models.

Jeff's areas of expertise, the projects he has carried out in exploration, reservoir development and petrography, and the training seminars he offers are described in this Web site. Feel free to contact Jeff's references for feedback.

This list of publications and the titles of invited lectures demonstrate the background and breadth of domestic and international experience that Jeff can bring to finding solutions for your project, or training your colleagues in applied carbonate geology.

Dravis Interests and Dravis Geological Services can be contacted by email, by phone at (713) 667-9844, or by mail at 4133 Tennyson St., Houston, Tx 77005-2749.